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Bullseye55's Suggestions: Themed Dojo Rooms/decorations, Faction System, And Faction Specific Abilities/gear


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Hello. Bullseye55 here. A bit new to the community, but I have a few ideas. Accompany me on the ride, and we will look through them. Feel free to comment on them and your opinion on them.



Dojo Rooms

For starters, I would like to discuss themed Dojo room types, based on each faction in the game. Themed rooms would require their respective faction-themed resources, such as Mutagen Samples for Infested-themed rooms, Fieldron Samples for Corpus-themed rooms, and Detonite Ampules for Grineer-themed rooms. Orokin Ciphers and Orokin Cells could be used for Orokin-themed rooms.


Each theme would have its own set of Dojo tiles, such as a Infested-broken(Eris, combined with Tenno design) hallway for the Infested theme, a steampunk mechanic(Grineer Galleon) filled hallway for the Grineer theme, a high tech, shiny, simple hallway(Corpus Ship) for the Corpus theme, and a exquisite, fancy hallway(Void) for the Orokin theme.


Each room type would require different resources based on each faction, and perhaps require different navigation, such as the infested hallway. Each room type would also have different styled doors.





Dojo Decorations

Secondly, Dojos could have faction-themed decorations. For instance, an Infested decoration could be a Hive, like the ones found on Eris. A Corpus decoration could be a Moa container. An Orokin decoration could be the orbs found inside the Void. A Grineer decoration could be a Grineer control console, found inside the Grineer Galleons.



To continue, Functional Decorations could be added. Functional decorations can be interacted with, and some have a use. For example, one could put a Corpus locker in the Dojo, for a build price, and open it once every day(Resets at login reward), for random loot. The tileset the locker is placed in determines the loot table. For instance, an infested dojo room's lockers would provide infested oriented materials.


Other functional decorations could be added, such as a chair. The possibilities are quite a bit.


Another thing to functional decorations, is wiring. If the decorations are expanded into functional, control consoles can be linked to decorations or doors. For instance, open up all the doors in your Dojo for easy access. Another possibility is to place a faction-specific decoration, say the Corpus trip wires, and wire them up to a console or a security camera. Trip wires, if implemented, will only cause players to trip in the Dojo. Even Orokin pressure plates and Infested Hives can be wired up and used.




Faction System

Another idea I would like to state, would be a faction system. Tenno can choose to desert the Lotus through a quest to join another faction. Each faction will have its own quest, eventually culminating in the joining of that Tenno to the quest's faction. The Infested quest will assimilate the player, the Orokin quest will control the player(Not in controls, but advice/directions like the Lotus), the Grineer quest will make the player join the Grineer, and the Corpus quest will make the player join the Corpus through trade agreements.


Each faction will have its own reward and advice system.


Tenno, by default, follow orders from the Lotus just to complete the mission. This can be altered for each faction.


Orkin players will gain a multiplier of all resources gained if directions are followed.

Infested players will gain mods each time a medium-rank order is followed, such as completing the mission objective.

Corpus players will get a multiplier of all credits obtained if directions are followed.

Grineer players will get blueprints each time a goal of orders is met.


This can be altered, as this is only a rough example.



Each faction will have its guide, like the Lotus. Some ideas are as follows for that guide, or it can be someone different:


Infested: Lephantis.

Grineer: Vay Hek.

Corpus: Alad V, or an unknown figure since Operation Breeding Grounds happened.

Orokin: Neural Sentry.


Each one will have a different personality, and tone.




Faction Specific Gear/Abilities

To finish, the Dojo can be used for access to faction-specific weaponry if that Clan has at least one player in that faction. If that player is in the clan, than that lab will be augmented with more weapons for that faction, such as the slow firing Bombard Ogris.


Abilities can be unlocked through the labs as well, but only to players who are in the faction themselves. 

Faction abilities can be put in any ability slot on any Warframe. Depending on the slot they are put in, the abilities will cost more energy, have different effects, and/or be more powerful.


Some examples are as follows:


Corpus - Drone Deploy. Deploys a drone whose type differs on the slot of the ability. Slot 1 gives a shield drone, Slot 2 gives a mine drone, Slot 3 gives a Attack Drone, and Slot 4 gives a unique ammo drone, which restores ammo. This ability will always have a 50 energy cost no matter the slot, and only 3 can be deployed at a time, subject to power increases.


Grineer - Latcher Deploy. Deploys a latcher that seeks a nearby enemy and then explodes. Depending on the slot, its energy cost will rise, and its damage will rise. Each fuse level increases the number of latchers sent out.



Infested - Infested Tendril. Costs energy based on its slot, but unlocks more functionality the more energy it uses. At 25 energy, it can only damage opponents and with a small chance, infect them to the player's side. The more energy it uses, the more the damage is and chance to infect is. At any rank, the Tendril can infect corpses and turn them into infected resources, or with a rare chance, revive and infect them.




I hope you liked these suggestions. I've put quite a bit of time into thinking them out. Enjoy, and leave feedback! :)


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I liked all the stuff except for the Factions system, sorry, just for me, I don't see the Tenno joining any of the other factions. Of course, we have a reputation system coming (or so Steve has stated) where, if we continue to assist one side more than another, the side that we assisted more so would send assistance to us during missions, or give us additional objectives to complete. Of course, we would still be loyal to the Lotus and to maintaining the Balance, we just have a more prominent business relation with one faction or the other. I don't know how the reputation would work with the Infested, I don't think they'll have one.


The reasoning to which I see the Tenno defectors clause being unfeasible is that this would allow the faction they join incentives to the Orokin Era technology of the WarFrames, which would defeat the purpose of us fighting against them. Also, having those Tenno join one faction or another, while still being in a Clan with a dojo, doesn't sound feasible to those other Tenno within that clan still loyal to the Lotus. More so those still loyal to the Lotus would exile those who defected, and the defectors would be without the technology available to them when they were in a Clan loyal to the Lotus.


The other ideas I do like though.

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