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Server Is Really Unstable Today, Frequent Disconnect From Server


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Sorry, I rephrase, its not frequent disconnect, its guaranteed disconnect

Every time I DC, I have to wait about 30mins, if I try to relogin right after DC I'll get "login fail, check your info" BS.

When I log into the game(after 30mins of previous DC), I only have single chance to "contact server" sort of thing(meaning change any parameter or status of my account)




Then do any of the following

   may it be change my gear

   or fuse mod

   or do a mission

   or buy something from market

   or build something

   or reclaim drone

   or deploy drone

   or etc


   do anything after that



And its guaranteed disconnect from server

Base on all my previous "fighting stupid server" experience, I know this is server side problem, so plz just fix it SOON

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