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Mutalist Osprey & Exterminate.


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the single bane of playing infested exterminate mission.
especially ones from crafted keys.
is seeing the "ENEMIES" total increasing, knowing that somewhere, there's a fair chance, that a mutalist osprey has spawned a crawler and dropped it in a wall or somewhere out-of-bounds.
so you start the exterminate mission with 0/115 and reach the 'end' 122/123.
and even more galling is that you know exactly /where/ it is; you can hear it flopping around, but you can't kill it. because it's not actually within the boundaries of the map.

it's infuriating and it utterly spoils the gameplay.


it's just a suggestion; but until such times as they can be assured not to drop their payload out of the map could they not be excluded from exterminates.
or - for the sake of our sanity - have the crawler not count towards the total.



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