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Several Bugs And Issues.


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I'll start with the topic it has many Bugs that I wrote down on paper so don't wonder if I have so many. 

I rather have all in one Topic then put all in each individual topic as It would end up e seem making spam even though that wasn't my intend :).


1. Heat Dagger: Not sure if is for other weapon too but the grip for the Heat Dagger I can't change the Color.


2.Color Pallets: Some color on the Pellets (in Arsenal) are way to bright specially in the Tenno once. So it make hard to choice the right color. beside that the color that is select should be highlight a little better for navigation.


3. Sentinel: Not sure if's a bug but I can't rotate the Sentinel and since the lighting there is very dark and sometimes just horrible  it make hart to see if the color that I choice is in my taste.


4. Saryn: Molt, I realize that the Molt seem only to work if I'm host if I'm not my Molt will always be at the standing up version of her rathe then my last movement.


5. Helios: It's keep scanning thing that I already finish scan and thing that I don't even have (Death Orb) it won't even manual it said complete even though it isn't. None a less I found out that the "unscanned" enemy are that from my squad member even though I complete it it keep scanning them.


6. Trophy Challenge: Well, it doesn't pop up anymore but I use to come the trophy challenge. I also notice it comes up if you play the prologue while other who didn't have seem not have the issues at least on my friends comment. 


7. Mirage: Hall of mirror use to be sometimes transparent  and sometime not (my direct version). I didn't test it enough to know what it cause though.


8. Sugatra: That here annoying me major time since I bough them and want use it. It doesn't take the color at all! It always goes in default. I even went to mission to see it and even then it doesn't. So is not just visually (Load out) but practical (in mission) doesn't take the color.


9. Loading Screen: the One the has the bright yellow light. It's seem very buggy I see shadow and also can go beneath the effect. Either rework it or take it out and make a different one, as it cause quite a lag and also I like to fly around :P


10: Cosmic Specter: I got one Cosmic Specter from the "suspicion shipment"  event and I can't not tribute it to the Cosmic Regiment at all. It start to annoying me have that one in my inventory. Also I can't equip it into gear so i can use it.


11. Gram: It still doesn't show the right number with the mod fury and yes it's slower I can feel it if even the Galatine is quicker with fury. I already I mention for so long and it's not fix till yet.


12. Silva n Aegis: It seem that the wall attack of it doesn't launch me anywhere I simple stay at the wall and fall down like a sack of potatos. You already took the infinity wall run away please make the launch from wall quicker and also further in all direction, beside that make the wall attack work also.


13. Kubrow Instance Down: Sometimes Even with Loyal Companion (The % is TOTAL WRONG xD) it dies instantly even without bleeding time in the mosh pit of infested. Not sure if its intend that damage will reduce the Bleeding time or a bug?

If's in as intended I think is horrible becuase Why would I bring my Kubrow if I know it can instantly bleed out? 



Thanks for reading. and if there are other people here that has the same issues please writ it down :)

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