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Archwing Powers


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Alright so just watched the devstream recording and I believe this is the gist of what Odonata has going as far as powers:


Odonata Archwing:


1) Frontal Shield: Deploys a shield that blocks enemy fire to the front of the player that follows the facing of the warframe.


2) Anti-Missle Flares(?): From my understanding this is meant to be another method of diverting normally guided fire from enemies away from the player?


3) Missile Volley: Throws out numerous homing missles to nearby enemy ships.


4) Stasis Field: launches and deploys a large stasis field in front of the player that i believe halts movement/action of enemies that are caught or that enter the field range.


Stealth/Assassin Archwing:


1) Decoys: Materializes two copies that fly off in a V from the player, one going left and the other right, that fire fake rounds to attract enemy attention away from the player for a certain duration. They will function im a similar fashion to Mirage's copies in that they won't take damage; however like Loki's clone they also do not do any damage.


2) Cloak: Literally activates a toggled cloaking that last for a X amount of seconds or until the button is pressed again. Drops all 'aggro' towards the player, although does not stop shots already fired towards the player's original direction. Weapons and powers can be used during this phase, but can alert enemies towards the player, much like how a stealthed Loki firing a gun will cause enemies to run over to the area.


3) Grapple: Fires out a magnetic pull that will either tug a player to a target, should it be a heavier target than the warframe using the Archwing; or causes lighter targets to be pulled towards the player for a melee assassination. Would give this an interesting twist of use on warframes such as Frost and Rhino who are slower and heavier than other frames. This is also assuming there will be a large variety of enemy types, like heavy ships and light ships, much like how there are heavy and light enemies already.



4) Death Lotus: Much like Radial Javelin in a sense, however the player is sent in a whirling spin that allows the dodging of all enemy fire as well as the launching of specialized javelin-like shots at the closest X amount of enemies.


Strategy: So with this setup I see the purpose of this type of archwing to focus on diverting attention with Decoys or simply Stealthing to position oneself within large groups of enemies to dispatch them quickly with Death Lotus. Grapple could be used to quickly traverse the terrain to keep oneself safely out of the Death Star laser.


Support Archwing:


1) Tether: Aim and Target an ally to become tethered to them, giving the caster and the target extra movement speed so long as both players stay with in XX meters distance of each other. Also, enemies that touch the beam between the warframes will take damage. The Tether will also break if a new ally is targeted.



2) Stim Darts: After a short channel several darts launch from the archwings that fly out and home in onto other allied players boosting their attack speed and damage for XX  seconds. The effect is not immediate and will vary depending on distance; however the caster can recast the ability after a set amount of time which would be when the effect wears off on themselves. This effect is doubled on the target of Tether, as well as the caster.



3) Defensive Bubble: Deploys a protective casing around all friendly players that will reduce the damage taken by the players by XX% for a short duration. This effect is doubled on the target of Tether, as well as the caster.



4) Shields Up!: The caster becomes stationary, initially, while the ability is in effect, which creates a defensive shell around friendly players that will absorb XXXX amount of incoming damage. This effect will last until enough damage is sustained to break the shield. The caster can resume movement after a few seconds of using this ability.


Strategy: The purpose of this archwing is to effectively switch between ally targets with Tether to give them the buff(s) they need, as well as keep focus on slower allies to help them keep pace with some faster archwings or make faster archwings that much faster. Since Shields Up! will last until broken, it's good to keep tabs on allies and to use this ability as often as possible to keep everyone nice and healthy. To make this more 'fair' for the enemies I'd suspect some sort of internal cooldown on the abilities, as well as sharing the cooldowns with other players using the same archwing, to not simply make having a couple of these in a team make the players pretty much invincible. (Let's be honest... you don't ever really need TWO Trinities in a group, now do you :P)


This is what I've come up with so far. I was thinking about a type of archwing that can attract more attention, sort of the 'tank' role if you would, but haven't truly hashed out abilities since generally speaking they'd share similar effects as the Support archwing.


Feel free to post your thoughts and opinions, as well as suggest powers you think would be cool to have. Remember that you are fighting in space, so some things, like powers involving fire, would be very hard if not impossible without involving some exterior way of supplying the oxygen that open space would lack. Also in regards to the whole.. no gravity thing, yes that is true, however that doesn't mean that things propelled or launched wouldn't work; so one 'could' use a bow or something, it just would travel in a straight line.

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