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Suggestion: Buff Accuracy And Critical Chance Of Burston Prime


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I find the Burston Prime to be an amusing rifle, even more so than the Braton Prime. But upon using it, I realised it's not good, but not bad either. And it still couldn't hold a candle to the Braton Prime. In fact, there is no use to a burst only rifle when any player with a small amount of experience can easily control an auto rifle's recoil. The Burston doesn't even have that great accuracy. At range, the minute of angle between all 3 bullets is quite huge.


So my suggestion to make the Burston Prime more viable than it is now, is to:


- Boost accuracy to 30

- Boost critical chance to 25-30%


That's it. No damage or ROF buff. Just that. The point of a burst rifle is to provide low recoil, great accuracy at range. And you use those benefits to land headshots. Only, the Burston Prime rarely crits. It barely does any more damage than the Braton Prime, which can easily pull this off. Add to that its meh accuracy and you'll find it not so easy to pick targets off at range with one burst. I'm pretty sure that once it crits more often, it could become a fantastic rifle, consistently landing headshots and crits, while not making it OP. That and it would perhaps give a second life to the rifle, as I only ever saw one in my entire WF experience.


What do you guys think?



inb4 Soma

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I think a boost to the accuracy of the Burston Prime would be nice. It would really help in upping the damage output via Heavy caliber, since anything over a rank 3 makes the Burston Prime useless past shotgun range. Plus, the point of using a burst weapon over an auto weapon is the immense increase in accuracy at distance.


Edit: Of course, the problem really lies in the math on DE's side of things. The numbers used for accuracy and other statistics are affected non-linearly by mods(that is from weapon to weapon, it isn't consistent), especially HC. The Braton Prime can have a max HC on it and it's accuracy doesn't suffer too much at mid-long range, but some weapons, like the Burston Prime, suffer to a greater degree at the same range.

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Personally the Burston Prime is my favorite primary. I have 5 forma into it. It is a good status weapon. You don't see many people running around with the Burston Prime, but imo that's a good thing. Its quite versatile for any situation. With that said, I wouldn't mind seeing a small buff to it.


An accuracy buff would be good especially for the people that use heavy cal on their Burston Prime. I refuse to use a heavy cal above rank 6 otherwise it completely ruins the feel of the Burston Prime personally.


As for the crit chance buff, it would add a bit more versatility in builds for the Burston Prime. Allowing for a status or crit build.

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