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Weapon Concept: Chunyuu Syringe


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A castana-like throwing weapon.


The Chunyu are a pair of two large, grineer-styled syringes. They are held by the plungers, with some sort of metal frame around them. When the syringe punctures flesh, the plungers are automatically pushed in and inject a lethal dose of toxins. Tenno hold two of them, with a holster on each hip, syringes held inside of a leather sleeve.


This weapon has a high status chance, which will be applied half a second after the weapon hits an enemy. The weapon will visibly inject into the enemy and then eject off of them.



Puncture: 10

Viral: 80

Ammo: 30

Reload: 1.0s

Fire Rate: 5.0

Crit: 2.5%

Crit Mult.: 150%

Status: 50%

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