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Frost And Rhino Build Types



Thought I'd post a private convo here for public consumption.
Hey mate, you recently replied to one of my topics about a Nova build and i really liked how you explained things to me, it was simplified lol and easy to understand. Anyway, if you have the time or something, i'd like to know what to get for my rhino prime and frost. Ok, that's all, thanks again!
No problem :D.
Re: Builds below; I tend to use CP or ES aura. You always want CP to do damage to Grineer and Void units, and you generally want to use ES the rest of the time. It`s not as critical tho, you can try out Enemy Radar or the like.
Rhino's fairly easy, you've got 3 setups plus maybe another for speedunning maps, as he's really good at that. Just subbing in sprint and stamina mods. Anyways, 3 setups for competitive play. 

First is a long duration and powerful Roar, for buffing teammate damage. This setup uses maximum power strength, so the efficiency is pretty terrible for IS and Stomp, you'll be using those sparingly. You may end up needing energy restores if you aren't teamed up with a Trinity.
The second setup is a maximum efficiency setup for IS and Stomp, without Roar equipped. This gives you a 25 energy Stomp, so you'll be using that a lot, and a really cheap IS so you'll be popping that up easily every time you need it. You can even equip Overextended in this setup for a larger Stomp - I choose not to, as it makes IS less powerful and I think the extended range is overkill - you can't recast Stomp till all the elevated enemies are dead and that's harder to do with a long range. I like using Rage and Vitality for sustainability.
This is the setup you would use to speedrun maps, with a few changes for mobility mods; http://goo.gl/cRKUAK. Less tanky but quite a bit faster. Periodic sliding will restore enough stamina for infinite sprint but Rage and even Vital can be swapped for Marathon, Maglev, Shield Flux, etc.
The third setup is a hybrid of the two, with +102% PS and 50% Efficiency, but still a very short duration on Roar. This means Roar is to be used as a quick damage buff; use it before a Stomp, when nuking a heavy, or before/as a teammate activates an ultimate. Especially useful when paired with teammates using Nova, Ember, or Saryn's ultimates as you can often get the Roar off before they fully impact (Delays/DoTs).

A good thread to read through about Roar buffing, Rage+Vital effectiveness, etc is https://forums.warfr...no-prime-build/


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For Frost, there's essentially 3 ways to mod him as well.

Your first setup is for endless, high level missions. Here, nothing, nothing, nothing matters but efficiency and range. Your Snowglobe is going to break after getting hit just a few times, no matter how much power strength you've installed. So, SG is immune to damage for the first 4 seconds - and you'll need to cast a new one as soon as that 4 second window is up. As for range, that`s a personal and team setup preference; some people like a bigger SG to defend from within, and some teammates like it smaller so enemies are less likely to enter the globe.


The next setup is for offensive play. Generally efficiency is better than damage, but Ice Wave requires significant aiming so I like to have a more powerful hit than more damage/energy. I set up with 50% efficiency instead of 75% and abilities hit quite hard. Because you'll be using maximum range (without OE), Snowglobe won't last very long and will be quite large, but it's still worth equipping for emergencies.


The final setup is defensive, but not for insane levels like the first one. Here, carefully balancing Snowglobe health, duration, size, and efficiency is key. A lot of this is up to personal preference, but I like a -21% range globe, with 75% efficiency and as much duration and strength as I can stack on it.


A Variant of this build is great for survivals; basically using a tiny snowglobe and hanging out inside of it. Almost impossible to die; great for leveling weapons. Ex: http://goo.gl/Ut4PKa


A good thread regarding building for Snowglobe at non-insane levels can be found here: https://forums.warfr...elp-with-build/

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And, someone pointed out that I use a lot of acronyms. So here's the ones used in this reply;


ES = Energy Siphon (Aura)

CP = Corrosive Projection (Aura)

IS = Iron Skin (Ability)

PS = Power Strength (Statistic)

DoT = Damage over Time (Damage Type)

SG = Snowglobe (Ability)

OE = OverExtended (Mod)

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