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Relevant Action Game Types


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I think it would be interesting if future game types included relevant action in the context of archwing.


A few examples of what I mean:


A deception mission, where you reroute this ship to a new location... and the actual goal is to move the ship in a tactically useful way for the battle going on, and we perhaps even have chain deceptions.... deception, "things just got more interesting" archwing, "things just got more interesting" board another ship, deception, "tjgmi" arching, again, and then use the fleet of rerouted ships to actually be the cover or the battlefield, with the theoretical(and highly suicidal) option of just charging head-long into combat without them.


Or, sabotage, where the goal isn't to blow something up, but to activate cannons of a ship you've boarded, firing them at targets visible in the distance, while defending them from being un-hacked, and then being able to archwing over and enter the holes you've punched in the distant ship.


It's nice having the little menagerie of goals and objectives we have now, of course, but actually having the things we do be meaningful and contextual to what's going on("Why is this ship suicidally flying into that other ship? Oh yeah.") would be pretty awesome.

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In other words, events that give missions the feeling of a cohesive narrative episode, not a short randomized grind. I approve. A more seemless cinematic experience that also uses ArcWing gameplay to create difference of kind (instead of scale) can certainly be used in many ways to add interesting mission elements.

Sorta yes. Sorta no.


The gameplay explanations and demonstrations that DE has given is that the actual mission segues from standard running around mode to archwing mode. So, doing your whatever and going in to archwing mode is all 1 mission. Formerly, the game was actually pretty good in some places about generating bonus objectives, and having the missions spawn out further based on them.


So, what I was thinking of, more than the quest-style thing where the missions are linked, actually having chain bonus objectives. I mean, think about how cool that would be, flying from ship to ship, to blow up their reactors and grab  the hostages. You're not just stopping 1 ship, you're wrecking the whole convoy.

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