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Some Suggestion Related To Excavation


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First off, let me say I really love this game mode, it´s by far the best imo and I can´t wait to see it return.


So, my first suggestion affects the excavator. We have excavator A to E, I am suggesting that every player has a set of excavators , meaning if you are doing it solo you have 5 excavators and if you are in a 4 man squad you have 20 of `em.

Once excavator A, let´s say from player 1, is destroyed it can no longer spawn, so you have to take care of them. 

Maybe give every player a little icon for all their excavators to show if they are available or not. 

And of course only players with available excavators can spawn one on the dig site.


My second suggestion is about dark sector and excavation. I hope that you will replace DS survival with excavation on every planet that will get this mode, because it would make no sense otherwise.

And I want to fight infested in this mode ;)


My third and at the moment last suggestion is about, the probably soon released, Thetra mods. Make them rewards in excavation


Edit: sorry, maybe I should have watched at the Megathread before posting

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