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Suggestion For Archwing Mission Type!


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• When i was doing a mission on earth, i was daydreaming of a surprise fomorian attack drones attacking us tennos on the ground, then suddenly some tenno's on their archwing intercepts them! 

When the fomorian drones are all killed, tenno on archwing continues to provide


air support....

After the main mission, you will pick to end the mission and get your reward or proceed to an extra mission. (pop up is like "claim or exit" on defence missions)

Lotus tells all tenno's to mount their archwing to go to space to track and destroy that carrier who released those fomorian drones who tried to sabotage the mission...



• Ive also thought of a purely air support mission type, destroying enemy, drones, turrets, missle systems on ground base while you dodge missle and huge turrets while supporting tennos on ground (but appears as AI spectre tennos)


just sharing a small idea! thanks for reading!

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