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Wtb Bulky And Tall Sunika

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Height doesn't get carried over in imprints. So buying a tall Kubrow doesn't mean your Kubrow will become tall using those imprints.




I've got two bulky Sunika imprints, she has tiger stripes, but they're hidden because two of her colors are the same.


Imprints: http://puu.sh/bpcOV/60b6e4d61b.jpg


Colors changed to show stripes: http://puu.sh/bpcNU/6d39c511ab.jpg




Incase you want a bulky Sunika with a Lotus imprint, my friend still has imprints for one that he hasn't sold yet. It does have a rare color however so don't expect it to be cheap.


Imprints: http://puu.sh/bn0zs/d927230d94.jpg


Normal colors: http://puu.sh/bn0qN/15cd0fb28b.jpg


Lotus changed to black: http://puu.sh/bn0zh/f18e731d44.jpg

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