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Nukor Review And Feedback


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I'm still pretty disappointed with the nukor, i actually did put a catalyst on it. The problem is... I was expecting it to be basically a Molecular Prime gun. I'm not the kind of player that really cares about status all that much, especially radiation. What I want to see is for the explosion radius to be bigger when they die and for the explosion to do more damage. I don't feel this is so much to ask. its not like you can just shoot it at an enemy and make a nova style chain explosion. You would have to shoot it at each in a group of enemies then actually go kill one. It would be a unique play style and wouldn't even be remotely OP.

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I like the nukor, at first I was skeptical since of the low damage it does but the that status chance really made this weapon worth the potato. 


plus it feels like an actual alien ray gun!!!!


Bad news for Nekros though, the nukor disintegrates enemies like nova's Mprime.

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Actually I am disagree with you when you talking about physical damage procs. They are usefull, but Slash and impact are more useful when using semi-auto weapons because:


-Impact: the knockback is useful to knock a target stoping it´s fire and allowing you to have a sure headshot in your next shot to finish the target.


-Slash: it inflicts 35% of your weapons base damage per second ignoring armor, resistances and shields and it can stack for more damage on the same enemy. This proc it´s so useful with high damage per shot semi-auto weapons like the Marelok or the Tigris. 


Puncture it´s the only proc that doesn´t help you much at higher levels because a 30% damage reduction isn´t a big deal when enemies have those great amounts of damage at that point of the game.

Of course Radiation is useful but it doesn´t guarantee at 100% that the targets won´t attack you and you still can take damage from the anyway.


What really can make Nukor useful it´s that for example you can run Corrosive against armored high level grineer and lower their armor so they take more more damage from the Nukor and you can still keep your radiation because it´s the starting damage of the weapon instead of a single element or physical damage.


Maybe I disagree at the status thing but the point it´s the same, the proc chance plays a better role in high levels than a little more damage because you need those procs to get you going holding and killing the enemies for you. 


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