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Little Bit More Diversity ?


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I know this might have been posted and suggested several times before me, but I havent seen it yet so here I go.


Wouldnt it be nice to be able to wield dual melee weapons ? And I mean to replace your Main firearm with lets say Glaive (strapped in your back as it is) then Secondaries Pistols or what nots and then a second set of Melee weapons like umm daggers on your lower back (as they are now).


This would have be Fun change of all ous melee lovers and I dont think it would be impossible to code either.


Just leave your feelings / thoughts on the matter here below.



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That will be a cool addition. More diversity in loadouts instead of

-Boltor Prime


-Orthos Prime

Everywhere. But then it might become Boltor Prime+ Marelok dual wield, who knows.



I dont mean that =) for gods sake I want to wield melee weapon instead on my main weapon nothing else =) and ahve second melee weapon in its normal slot =)

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