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Hymeno ( Warframe Based On The Insect ) ( Need Artwork )


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Hymeno is a very versatile warframe, able to move as he pleases, destroy enemi cover and its allies. 


240 Shield (Rank 30) 

410 Life (30) 

Shield 40 (30) 


First ab: Butterfly >> Hymeno Deploys its wings, allowing it to go where he wants. (Can also reverse its enemis) (move with  directionale buttons ^^) 



2nd ab: Deathly Swarm / Sting >> Hymeno focuses a swarm of insects in his arms, making a machine gun with a high rate of fire and deadly puncture 



3rd ab: Fog venomous >> Hymeno create a cloud of insect and disturbing the enemies and slowly poison 



4th ab: Unleashed >> Hymeno land uses has a earthworm giant carnivorous, devouring all the unfortunates in its path, but also increases the damage caused by the whole team 30%


Forgive my mistakes, my English is very bad
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It seems kind of like overpowered to me... first of all his 1st ability. Allowing him to fly, the warframe based around wind doesn't even have that ability... The second and third ability don't seem too bad, but the ultimate honestly seems overpowered probably going to do a lot of damage which is normal but the 30% damage buff seems like too much, also doesn't really fit in with the bug theme, but whatever. In my opinion not that good of a warframe.

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