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  1. Vaykor syndon is broken and cant activate Blind
  2. seem like Hellminth invigorating count is broken
  3. well its bandaid but you can use hellminth skill to make them more durable instant revive
  4. i just him to stop spining it should be press 4 , shoot lazer from his arm in the direction we want keep pressing 4 we spin , the buff should be allways on with diminished energy consuption and a bit less damage put behing forced to spin in crazy XS Anyway a bit of rework would be welcome also yeah his trail dont last at all
  5. its called Dragon keys you can equip them all if you want but...good luck Bleeding Key: -75% Health Decaying Key: -75% Shield Extinguished Key: -75% Damage Hobbled Key: -50% Speed
  6. Good PVP??? just bring back old dark sector Rail Fight also if we could make our own clone of grineer /corpus and just use them as special unit using transference special device implemented in them ill be fine and helpfull for advanced spy mission that could only be done with them Dax should be a regular frame or just bring new mele mechaniks for all frames
  7. Cedo is the sol weapon that can fully kill acolyte with status benefit galvanised status mod in a lesser way since the proc still count but not doing damage it still activate the bonus per status type affecting target
  8. Sorry but its really not about the lack of experience his point is legit status is weak period note that i always favored status builds when the effect was fun , when blast was blasting stuff and gaz was contagious
  9. i couldnt agree more you just forgot infested from deimos immune to viral status anyway status still need buff and rework status effect are barely noticeble now , if not for radiation , slash, fire, corrosive, cold and viral that mean 6 under 17 status effect are worthy and no void effect isnt worthy impact is good cause it can proc slash so it doesnt count , opening ennemies for parazon finisher is kind of a joke it shouldnt be tied to impact only
  10. try out mario karr?? beside that impact is good now cause of hemorage mod
  11. as i said in my post you can use special mods like mark of the beast
  12. the best set up for combo is dual wielding glaive and secondary gun with Dexterity arcane equiped on gun and mark of the beast mod for glaive + aura mod that grant power strengh when you proc status and on your frame yu can use the mod that give damage buff when you change weapon i mostly use ne zha with that set up his shakram allow you to mark ennemuie and give htem more damage , at death they will spawn health orb and energy orbs that synergise well , with two special mods for frames yu can get from simaris , to get armor and the other to get power strengh but any frame with one handed skill can make the deal (it allow you to reload while yu use a skill)
  13. got mine like this... but vodka must be really cheap , homemade would be the best option
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