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  1. i use aim /block to cancel before the last swing and it work actually wiki >>> Broken Bull punishes mindless mashing by causing the Tenno to lose their balance and stagger if they try to continue spinning after the 5th spin. Cancel the combo or chain into Crowd Fall to maintain combo momentum. The stagger after the 5th swing is shortened dramatically with strong attack speed buffs such as Valkyr's Warcry and Volt's Speed. While under these buffs, spamming mindlessly is punished far less severely. With careful timing, one could achieve the third hit within
  2. you can via the syndicate hub on the left of the liset (at least it skip the going to relay part and you spawn directly at symaris place)
  3. some abilities doesnt even scale with mod that should affect them ex: chroma spectral scream gain 1m from range mod at max cause of magical DE equation so yeah iki is yur friend some abilities gain power from range also , #*!% logik
  4. been years i am spamming the forum for that not sure its usefull but keep it up
  5. k drive should have just been usable in normal mission i hope this one have something more than damage redirection --------------------- well anyway Nothing beat Nezha Cunning drift+maglev roller blades allways been superior than skateboard for manoevrability
  6. talking about subsum did they say wich one will be subsumable?
  7. all melee need glaive rework end of story
  8. a dev workshop about guns buff and melee nerf is coming mid may oh wait they forgot
  9. Hello About abilities update augment? wil you guys ever finish chroma update? effigy still not worth annything and his first augment is out of time also excalibur radial javelin rework one day? where are thoose so called bached of rework? melee rage mode and guns damage update? melee feel sad now cause of the recent changes we need a slight stagger its like we are slicng butter right now... thunderbolt rework? the list is too long but plz update wf gameplay
  10. when can expect a real update with gameplay content?
  11. when you try to use your gear simarys will say that he dont want to cause its not part of the test
  12. i dont use heavy weapon exactly cause of the non sense disgusting holding animation XD
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