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  1. inaros actully use his armor with his 4 doesnt he?
  2. OMG yes plz let us capture ennemies and feed them to helminth to get new skills now i want this as a new system
  3. hello , i am not sure if i missunderstood but i heard that DE Scoot said that chroma will get Savagoth treatment for effigy Would be awesome i just hope i dont got it wrong
  4. i though they were actually watching it trought sortie sanctuary and arbitration statistiks
  5. Right i really want warframe to bring gunsfight up to the top but with the special rewarding feeling of using gameplay aim skills to get more power not just brute force
  6. hahaahahaha id rather have a double damage for guns with conditional like x2 for headshoot and x1.5 while sliding or a combo system for all guns
  7. hello the number of mod you can equip depend of the mod rank and the mod cpacity of your frame
  8. multiplayer cross platform for all platform that's some major cool thing
  9. blinded and unalerted ennemeies (even staggered) take X700 status chance multiplier headshoot got 200X status multiplier that's it
  10. i really dont get it anymore i gonna retry after work , but i really did test it , and now it really bother me (with as said before overextend and stretch) running side to side with the pod , i was out speeded when using strech and overextend... maybe i am crazy? but not lazy did tested it T_T i really wich [DE] give some kind of oficial answear isnt the very point of a frame is to be modable??
  11. wtf i tested in simulacrum for hours -_- something is weird overhere well ill try to make a video if that can help but for info i tried using overextend wait... time to travel isnt speed?
  12. i cant deny XD having fun with zakti i am even using it on purpose to make fancy ninja moove (spam jump after heavy stagger) also forgot to say yeah i am using glaive as melee ;D and Ne zha so my ultimate combo is divine spear+chakram+ pew pew zakti and heavy glaive for steel path nothing survive but accolytes and if i go brainless and forget to halo ward , zakti stagger is a nice reminder XD
  13. why not both its actually fun how it is
  14. i suggested to finish the skills rework , fix the mods that dont work and blablabla infact i just wanted that they keep doing what they started at the end of last year that shouldnt require that much ressources in fact id like them to focus on litle things they can do , and not start big ass project they dont have the ressources for anymore but your suggestion isnt that bad
  15. ofc course i didnt got all weapons , i dont really care about having 300 weapons , you also miss the point between playable content and pure gameplay content (game system , skills , bugs , qol , consistency) i dont want more stuff in the game -_- (but i am not against dont get me wrong to start a new war) now i am lazy to explain with people who just wanna fight for words
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