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  1. Maybe allow us like each two month to update account?
  2. guess i can stop warframe until next year... no melee 3.0 !_!
  3. Hello Excal Radial javelin when will we get the old one instead of that useless thing? Spectral scream rework? Thunderbolt? Why doesnt all shield have sigma and octantis mechanic? Does dual wielding is still a thing in melee 3.0? cause dual wielding is life... Will the new air slam directiona atack will activate heavy impact?
  4. lol when i had finally found a way to make spectral scream usefull NERF that's just lol , also even with the +165% its was barely usefull but hey , a bit is a lot for it
  5. Fixed various audio issues with Chroma’s Spectral Scream ability. sound wasnt the prime offender XD why no change to the skill itself T_T
  6. Thx If you guys could take a look at vaycor syndon it seem that blind ability break when switvhing too much with operator , and is unusable..... Also dont Forget TO REWORK CHROMA and thunderbolt.... -_- n and radial javelin .... and change radial blind animation too
  7. Damn sexy , but aint gonna use/buy it if they dont tweak/rework chroma..... his Skill kit is an insult to dragon family
  8. Just watching the video let you know that chroma need a huge rework... He have literally no active skills Watch Rebecca gameplay , activating both vex armor and elemental ward to refresh them.... that's it.. nothing more his first is tottaly useless in any situation (even if its damage is buffed to 200% its not fun and weapons do it better, look at me ignis wraith) Effigy : cast a beautifull useless pelt...
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