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  1. meanwhile excalibur trying to kill stuff with radial javelin and chroma spectral screaming like a crying baby no sorry some skills aint as strong as my lato with riven lol no need for riven acrually everything is strong than radial javelin and spectral scream in that game
  2. i just assume they have a rework for him , cause yeah he is boring as hell the fake synergie creating sand clone is totally uselless he badly need a rework , seing how chroma got nothing when he got primed , i am a bit scared
  3. this one suggestion is pretty badass the idea of hunter mode is great , i would love something a bit diferent , like activating will instantly lower ash agro lvl bs would create a 7m radius safe zone around ash , if someone cross it a clone execute bs finisher instantly teleport synergie as you sugest is great for shuriken simply: make shuriken like , quick press = trow 1 homing shuriken (spamable), long press = straight forward to aiming reticul trow a barage of fast shuriken with punch trough no direct interaction with BS needed (no need to create new animation for clone trowing shurikens) smoke bomb : make it a real smoke bomb that stun ennemies and open them for finisher for 6s with quick press and with long press turn ash invisible and let a cloud that make ennemies sufering +60% more damages and dealing blast proc finally teleport : allow fast short range teleport without any target needed , and if targeting ennemie use the old mechanick and ofc add a custum roll animation for ash that allow him to moove as a cloud make ash great again
  4. exploding spear? make them explod when reactivated? or reverse the way they impale ennemies from the ground to the sky instead?
  5. i cant see excal radial javelin ash shuriken-teleport-smoke bomb nor chroma full kit here? even Op forget them?
  6. come on what about: chroma spectral scream and excal radial javelin been more than 7 days if i remember well
  7. i love railjack but i dont play it.... weird story
  8. Tsoe

    news mods?

    was thinking about reflection for ex if we talk of rework (or just work actually) or thunderbolt scaling or spectral scream augment... just name it
  9. was wondering if the last update brang new mods to the game? mods that wasnt highlighted in the update or w/e
  10. Ne zha prime only prime i want to buy with brute platinium plz give it now
  11. still no fix for chroma , excalibur , thunderbolt , reflection mod (warframe mod) Oberon and so on
  12. and what about me???? i got tonne of stuff to sell but i am so lazy to read the chat that i sell nothing meanwhile i have 45plat max on my account i need compensation for my lazyness
  13. let's say for rifle but not for shoot guns ; tetra and penthera need this as well laser thingy +some kind of bonus for trick shoot like a damage buff depending of how much it bounce before hiting the target , would make it very rewarding
  14. idk , ennemies dying from cold proc should explode and deal X% damages that s all
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