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  1. stretch+augur reach+cunning drift
  2. the fight was kind of fun , a bit slow i am glad he can one shoot cause that wouldnt make sense if he couldnt
  3. weird ,i see no changes in my panthera prime riven...
  4. nora is fun addition i love it kind of but yeah time to moove on
  5. isnt it mother token? not gmother token? plz dont tell me its great mother token...
  6. you dont know about maglev nezha i believe
  7. here we are , some logical thing all frames got a parazon , but strangely we use them only for mercy kill??? yu got a big point here
  8. i love your self answear , cause they are exalted blades yes and that would allow synergy with the vibe of excal poster boy being the blade frame (and that would make it worthy to use)
  9. Still no fix for : Radial javelin not counting as melee atack ------------------- Can you let us dream and give ETA about old/useless abilities rework for old frames
  10. why would use punch through if yu dont want the weapon to punch through , yu lost me
  11. after trying M4D rework , it doesnt seem to have changed a lot M4D is totally inconsistant bugy and.... well need true damage
  12. Reason VEX armor is boring also no it dont have to be low at all make the max passive 500% armor 500%damage but make it rise pretty slowly instead of 150 damage make it rise at 500
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