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[Concept] Stage-Type Missions (Fusion Of Game Modes)


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This is an expanded explanation on an idea I had late last night.

Original thread: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/307370-concept-multi-objective-missions/


Note: What I am suggesting is similar to the objective change in previous updates, but is not the same. Please read this thread before posting.


I had a thought. What if there were nodes on each planet where there were multiple objectives from the start. Your squad would have to decide - should we divide and conquer, or complete each objective together?


This would create a true raid-like scenario (DE often calls missions "raids" in early development). The way this concept would work is there would be a scenario which incorporated multiple game modes into one mission, as a lore-based track system. 


Example: Scenario A

The Lotus has directed you to find an Orokin artifact deep within the jungles of Earth; however, due to the age of the artifact, its position cannot be marked on your radar. Upon arriving to your mission, you are given two objectives:


A - Mobile Defense. You will guide the Lotus to Grineer systems, where she will hack into the network to find out anything the Grineer know about possible dig sites.


B- Spy. To find the other half of the information needed to triangulate the position of the artifact, your squad will also need to find a/multiple datamass(es) to return to a specified area. 


When both objectives are completed, the final objective is presented: Defend the Orokin artifact (or Extract, as a revived "Raid" game mode).


A longer game means a greater chance of finding rare loot while not adjusting the drop / spawn rate. The map size wouldn't have to increase, either. I do not foresee any issues with my suggestion. 


If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please comment below. Your input is wanted!(:

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