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(Some) Sound Assets


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So I currently have no clue where this goes. If a mod could move it to the proper place, that would be great. Otherwise if it's fine here, then yeah...


Anyways, I've been doing a bit of fiddling around in WF and turned down everything but dialogue to get some sound recordings of the various enemies for people to use later on (whether it be in some sort of video or such), so I figured I should probably post it on the forums.


I would do a lot more, but unfortunately since the Effects slider nearly controls everything, it's hard to get EXCLUSIVE sound from various objects without some things interupting (like footsteps from my character), but it's fairly easy to do with Dialogue, and I will probably do the music as well.


Unfortunately, I started a while ago and never got to finish it, but I got most, if not all, the Corpus dialogue sounds. I will be finishing grineer next, and so on and so forth, until I get ALLZ THE DIALOGUE


Anyways, for what I've got now, here ya go:


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