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Luna And Dawnguard: Moon And Sun Warframe (No Concept Art)


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This warframe can change between 2 different forms Luna and Dawnguard.


Gender: Female


Role: Caster/Healer


Health: 100


Shield: 75


Armour: 50


Power: 175


Stamina: 90


Sprint speed: 0.9


Polarities: 4 double dashes, 1 dash polarity, 1 V polarity 


Aura polarity: V


Ability No.1 Dusk and Dawn (no energy cost)


This ability makes it so you change between Luna and Dawnguard.

When you use this ability you will have your health and shield switch to new, but your previous form will not regenerate health and shield for the duration your are using the current form. You still share energy.

The purpose for Dusk and Dawn is so Luna and Dawnguard can use their separate abilities and for sustaining purposes.


Ability No.2 (Luna) Meteorite strike (50 energy)


Luna summons a portal to space firing a meteorite onto an area doing damage and knocking them down, dealing 5%/10%/20% of the enemies missing health.


Ability No.3 (Luna) Darkness within space (75 energy)


Luna surrounds herself in darkness dealing damage to all enemies within the darkness over 5 seconds and granting invisibility to all allies, damage dealt is 5%/10%/15% of enemy's current health.


Ability No.4 (Luna) Event Horizon (100 energy)


Luna takes all enemies in an area and fuse them into a ball that has the strength of the moon and sends it flying to the ground, dealing 20%/30%/40% of enemies maximum health and does 10%/15%/20% for bosses.

All enemies that die from the impact will evaporate and drop extra loot.

After using the ability you will switch to Dawnguard and cannot switch back to Luna or use Dawnguards 4th ability for 30 seconds.


Ability No.2 (Dawnguard) Blessing from the Sun (25 energy)


restores health and shield and gains armor. restores 20%/25%/30% of missing health and shield and increases armor by 10/15/25 for 5/10/15 seconds.


Ability No.3 (Dawnguard) Sunlight (75 energy)


Surrounds Dawnguard with sunlight restoring 3%/8%/15% maximum health to all allies in the area and sets all enemies ablaze doing 100-200 fire damage depending on how bright the area. Sunlight lasts for 5/10/15 seconds.


Ability No.4 (dawnguard) Dawn Arise! (100 energy)


Dawnguard has the sun rise increasing all forms of ally damage by 20%/30%/40% and decreases all enemies damage by 10%/15%/20% and decreases 5%/8%/10% for bosses lasting for 15 seconds.

After using the ability you cannot use Dusk and Dawn.

After the duration you switch to Luna and cannot switch back to Dawnguard or use Luna's 4th ability for 30 seconds


Credits to aelii for helping me. Feedback is highly appreciated and will be helpful.

Thank you for reading my idea.

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