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Mod Uninstallation (Capacity Limit) Before Fusion Confirmation Is Annoying (Integrate Into The Fusion Confirmation Instead?)


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I would like to adress a small but annoying issue with the Fusion UI, which has been around since before Update 14, but still hasn't been adressed.

I find it very irritating, that the game forces me to uninstall my mods before being able to theoretically fuse them up, even when i'm just playing around and seeing how many credits / duplicates i would need to use to max out lets say my Vitality, i don't want to have to uninstall Vitality from 3 Frames just because i want to check IN THEORY how many credits i would have to save up.

My suggestion? Move the Uninstallation Check to AFTER the player confirms he wants to apply the fusion (which would A) require me to be serious about the Fusion and B) to actually have the credits and not just be trying out hypothetical upgrade constellations).

The current procedure of checking Capacity Limits BEFORE the player even starts confirming any Fusion is unnecessary and creates a lot of work when you want to check those constellations, because you have to equip every single Warframe which just demodded the Vitality (or whatever else 10-level mod you were playing around on) to reapply it.

If this order could be switched around, a lot of needless Remodding could be circumvented.

Thank you for reading my wall of text :)


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