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Challenge Coins


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challenge coins are a long standing military tradition and there something really cool .


it got me thinking why not a a digital version of the challenge coin , with more history of the owner and at the same time the G- way point marker could use a update as well 


So we use our challenge coin as our wp - marker  this is my really rough draft of it  ( not an artist if u can't tell ) 


each colored circle would spin , and the rank achievement art would go in the center with the player name under it




and as more events come , more circles could be added .  I think it really could be a good way to show off causally  and update the G-marker, plus add the cool tradition of challenge coins to the game  

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I... don't see the point of this. Then again due to internet being wonky I can't see the picture you posted either, so that may also be a contributing factor.


I guess the question(s) of the day are "What was wrong with the old waypoint markers" and "What makes a military challenge coin suitable as a replacement waypoint marker of all things?".


If anything I would have expected in-game Achievements being represented by a collection of "challenge coins" viewable in the Codex or something, not this.

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well think of a holo-marker projected from the ground floating  3 feet up with your stylized rank and  event badges in it  marking a spot  rather than just a white wp , a way point with personalization  

All that just to tell a teammate I found a mod/resource? Sounds a bit pretentious.

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