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My Grouping Experience.


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I have a couple friends who play this game with me sometimes, and one of those friends has a couple friends just getting in to the game.  Every time we try to party we have all sorts of issues that ruin the experience, for both the long-standing players and the newbies.





We have problems with it migrating host to the guy who has consistent crashing and disconnect issues because it seems to think he's the ideal host between us even though he's up in Washington and I'm in Cali + the other friend is in Texas and the Washington guy has set his computer as "laptop" in the settings.


We have problems with it mysteriously dropping Washington from the party a lot when first launching to the loading screen.


Sometimes we want a party private and sometimes we want it public, and from what we can tell we can only remake the party each time we want to change that.


Sometimes when we get sent an invite to a party, it'll like, double or triple send the invite, and somehow that'll cause the UI to soft lock and only be fixed by either entering a mission (having your teammates start the timer without your vote) or force quitting the program.


We also very often get messages when trying to join each other that the party is full or the objective is already met, and yet when sent an invite by someone in the party we're able to join (sometimes with more double inviting/soft locking if they aren't in a mission yet).





All of this and more has really soured the mood for all of us, and I'm pretty sure the newbies aren't gonna stick around for long.  I really hope you guys fix all of these quality of life issues, because it makes it really hard to enjoy this game, despite its enjoyable core gameplay.

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