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  1. I personally hate stacking effects, especially on such short timers. Having my stats swing so wildly if the flow of enemies lulls even slightly isn't even slightly pleasant. I also feel like these big fat mod costs don't take into account how tight the capacity is on primaries and secondaries already, to the point where I was hoping to see something akin to an aura/stance mod slot, rather than all this. Arcanes at least don't take up space, but I'm still side-eyeing those mods, and don't expect I'll be trying to fit them in on too many weapons. Despite all that, I don't expect these inevitable changes are going to ruin my experience, but I do feel like I'm personally not going to vibe with them, and expect they'll just lead to more things becoming more broken without fixing very much. I do hope I'm wrong, but I feel like I've been playing this game long enough by now to have a proper feel for these kinds of things at this point.
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