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  1. Do you think y'all could make the weapon prompt show up over lichlings sooner? I think part of what fakes people out is the prompt doesn't show up until a couple seconds after they're "killed", but you can parazon them instantly. I think the prompt showing up more immediately would help people out a lot more with jumping the gun on stabbing them.
  2. I'm on my 23rd Toxin Lich now and still haven't gotten an ephemera. Either I'm super unlucky or something might be up with toxin ephemeras specifically (I was able to get Cold and Magnetic after the changes within a handful of tries).
  3. I really hope Valence Fusion comes to Railjack quickly, it's hard to hold onto things you want to valence with the 30 wreckage cap.
  4. The murmurs/requiems mini-game is still annoying and dull, the content is still disconnected from the rest of the game (and best played solo), and RNG on ephemeras still isn't ideal (they should be "earned" somehow, like by sacrificing a high% weapon for them or something) but these proposals fix just about everything else I can think of right now that I don't like about the system. So far so good.
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