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  1. Yay loadout changes. Don't care about these augment changes, though. Still not going to use any of them. Tested them all, still just as uninteresting for general use as before. I know we've already told you this a hundred times before, but have a hundred and first time, just for good measure. A mod that only affects one ability can't compete with a mod that affects all four abilities (except in the case of mods that the entire build - or even the entire frame - hinges around), so long as it's competing for the same mod capacity points and mod slots as other mods. We ask for an augment slot not because we want power creep, but because there's no possible way these mods can compete with even just a Power Drift (same capacity, same polarity) because Power Drift can go into its own slot, and doesn't have to compete with the big boy mods. Even with that said, there are a lot of other smaller reasons why augments don't really work well in this game, and I don't really plan to list all of those as they've all been brought up before too, to the point where I feel like it's not even being listened to any more, but I say that only to say that I personally don't think even an augment slot is enough of a fix; I think the augment idea would have to be reworked into its own system entirely separate from mods, if it's going to see any kind of real success, like a skill tree system (similar to the Focus system), or its own mod points pool allowing us to toggle all of the individual components of these ability tweaks separate from one another as well as just base increases to individual abilities' basic functionality and stats (like maybe I want more Hallowed Ground duration, but not the ground rupture? Or maybe I want extra Hallowed Ground range because Hallowed Ground's range is awful, both horizontally and vertically?). I appreciate your experimenting with trying to improve these mods, but it's really too little to really make much of a difference, in my opinion. I do hope you keep trying to make this ability augmenting and tweaking system better in general, though, one way or another.
  2. Good effort, but there are so many individual problems with the augment system that the whole thing probably needs a reimagining (and has probably needed it from the start). At this point it feels like this should all be folded into a combo upgrades/skills tree + customization menu than mods.
  3. Seeding Step drop being buffed is nice, but I think you guys need to address the one and done drops in the rotation rewards (captura scenes, ephemera bp's, etc.), especially in the "end game" modes like Arbitrations and ESO/SO. Mainly, that once we've gotten them once, they're a dud reward from them on, because there's no further use for them past the one Can something be done to have these rewards roll again on an individual basis if we already have these rewards? Because sure, I can sell ephemera blueprints for 10k credits, but I can't even sell the extra captura scenes, and I don't really want to be getting excess of either.
  4. Since we're looking at end game modes, I hope this means we're getting AABCCCCCCC in SO/ESO too, and something done about people joining the mode just to leech weapon xp and leave at waves 1-3. SO/ESO could really use the attention.
  5. Can we get a use for all the fish oil, fish meat and mapricos? They did relatively little already, now they'll do even less. Maybe we can make pet chow out of it to auto-feed to our pets to prevent the health decay + boost loyalty?
  6. Having an Operation shop like Nakak's would be more than enough reward. Faster runs mean more of whatever standing or resource is spent in that shop.
  7. Any word on how we can get the Baruuk Mandala outside of the Baruuk pack? Like, say, if I want a hundred of them, or just don't want to buy the pack.
  8. Ah, I was kind of hoping they weren't meant to be consumables, considering how expensive they are. Compared to bait which is much less costly and will bring you in many fish of the type you're looking for, especially. Would be nice if the price came down if it's meant to be consumable, or better yet, raise the price (5-15k) and make it a reusable item.
  9. Some of these are good changes, but most of them don't address the issues we've brought up with these abilities still. This is a bit too soft of a rework, but I don't expect we'll get the more significant amount of work these kits need until later, I guess.
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