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Ping Limit Not Working?



in the options menu i have set to allow a maximum ping of 150

In the past this worked reasonably well, if no match could be find, you would start a new mission yourself

however ever since update 14.5 roughly, the game only seems to match me when the ping is larger than 1500.

Almost all matches i play i have super lags, then get a host migration, boom, instant mission failure.

After 400 hours of gameplay, the amount of missions I failed in total did almost double during the last week alone.

Even with these back to school alerts now, i have to play every mission like 3 times before i can continue playing to the end without a bugged host migration, coming to the point where i just give up and solo them

Is anyone else having the same issue?
Because its hard to imagine its on my side, when nothing changed here.


*unable to pick up loot, unable to open doors, enemies that dont move, teammates that keep sprinting into walls, that is all daily stuff now......

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Yep, there was so much lag for me as well several weeks ago, doesn't seem to happen so often now. But yeah, the lag I encountered was funny. I assume the ping picks response time but in a weird way, but what do I know.

They should do what CoD does, that it actually also takes into account CPU and memory clock speeds, unless they already do.


Most of the time it is CPU and memory clock speeds which cause the issue, not the ISP/router themselves.

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