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Secret Room


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I think all the player know that in some room of each tileset there are hidden place where you can find additional barrel and container but usually this crates don't contain something of interesting.

If you think about this room you can notice that some of this room are very difficult to achieve, so in 99,9% of run no one go inside to search what could find cause inside they are really really really poor.


So my idea is: inside this "secret hidden room" the rare resource drop rate is higher than in the normal part of the map.


Sry for  my bad english =)

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Every locker potentially has a rare resource, this is why we have the master thief and scavenge mods


I highly doubt we would get something like this, because if you find such a room the first time on the tile, every time you go back to that tile you would simply go to the same room, because you already know its there and has a better drop rate. Perhaps a void container like approach will work though?

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