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Proposal/request For Digital Extremes - Api + Translation


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Hello Digital Extremes

I love your game and would like to make a quick trade website, making it possible to find trades much easier. I know, there are forums and sites already trying to do this. And they are doing it well. Even the in-game chat is working okay. But it does get cluttered some times.


My proposal is to make a site that takes information from the in-game chat and converts it to trade posts on the new site. It's actually very simple to make. I just need a little help from you. I'm guessing that you are logging the chats already, so I was hoping that you could make an API page(http://warframe.com/api/chat.php or something) that shows recent chat messages within the last hour.

This will result in an automated, up to date, innovative, way to find trades. Best of all, the people using the chat will quickly find someone to trade with, and the people searching for specific items will easily be able to find those items, in a none-cluttered environment. And the traders won't even need to do anything other than what they are already doing(Writing in the in-game chat).

All I need is the very simple API page, and then I'll do all the work.

- I saw your post on the forum, If you need translation from English to Danish, I can do this for you.

Thank you for your time, and I hope you are willing to make the API, as I think it would help the community immensely. 

Example of the simple api page.
08:30 - Spaceninja66 - WTB Blind Rage 10p
08:31 - Askapus - wts kubrow egg 20p
TI:ME - Playername - Chat message

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