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Loki "leviathan" Helmet (Wip)


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So I am making a new warframe. I still have not descided if this head will at one point belong to that frame, but for now it is an alt for Loki.

I dubbed it "Leviathan" since it remind me of the ocean and sea creatures.

Love to get some feedback on this.


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@ arch111 ... nice sculpting! 

Reminds me a lot of the Guyver manga characters - especially the Zoalords who had a third eye

Steve Sinclair said in an interview conducted at the recent Gamecon that Guyver helped to inspire the warframe aethetic

Can't post images at the moment, but go look at some images and you will see what I am talking about


What I like about your rough is the variation of contours from different perspectives, especially the back view with the secondary pointed shelf can be seen - almost lotus like - which is contrasted by the knobby side planges ...

As a player the back view is what you get and I wouldn't grow tired of that


I also like the smooth face as a contrast to the complexity of the top, sides and back ... wouldn't change the facial proportions - they look chizeled, distinctive and project confidence


I also like the way that the side scrolls don't project too far, the slightly tucked look sets it apart from the other headpieces


Whether boobles like on the spindle or prime versions are needed maybe something asymmetric ... keeps the metro feel of having pierced ears but not overdone


You have style and talent ... keep going!

I would use this in a cali minute   


EDIT:  I also like the name you have chosen ... rich allusion to it, including the Judiac Tanack as a sea monster but also St. Acquinas who referred to the demon of jealousy or even Clive Barker's Hellraiser version of the beast

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