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  1. Alarm hack =good baby step. Now we wait for Melee , will it benefit stealth? Sniper reworks to actually be worth using. Alternate routes for ninja assassins. Patrol paths. They still seem to random. Missions where a CELL, WANTS to do stealth and not assault. **** How about a choice like nightmare? * stealth. Silent kills, snipers, undetection rewarded. Guns blazing gets xp nerf, or mission fail.
  2. My Fan-Lore about the Lotus and Origins. https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/163529-lotus-codex-updated-14-03-02-third-entry/
  3. For the love of all things good and fun, please DE give an Official talk about the Stealth. Don't you think it's time now? We have had 3 new frames, 6 or more weapons, 3 events, two new tilesets, reworks of old tilesets, Damage 2.0, four bosses, removal of infested, Invasion gameplay, Trading, dojo expansions, New starmap, new ui, new shaders, new voiceovers, new 3d models including Lotus and Darvo, New animations, stances, loadouts, imortal skins, Camo skins, green grineer units, new Earth boss. Phew. I'll stop right there. You have crossed ALL THAT ^^^the off the List. You
  4. Lotus: Tenno, I have disabled all internal sensors for this mission. The enemy will rely on line of sight, so if you tread carefully you will reach the objective undetected. The vip must not know you are here, kill only when needed, zero bodycount will add. time to extraction, unless you stealth kill. Be on your guard, traps and Elite Guards patrol the Vip zone. If you can, make your way to the controlroom and hack the network. Good luck Tenno.
  5. Stealth wont be added or worked on untill DE has made more cosmetics and warframes. That is fix UI, arsenal, market, damagesystem, Tileset Droptable, weapon-balancing and rework of warframes and bosses. Theres just to much for them to fix unfortunately with the PS4 release. But they MUST TELL US THEY WILL IGNORE STEALTH.
  6. When considering the PS4 crowd is going to be included in the mix, they are used to alot more action and sneak em up. I´d go as far as say many would assume it will be possible to sneak as well as go on a killing spree. Livestream tomorrow. Very interesting to hear how all that is going, and the new tileset of course. But man I wish they would at least take 5 mins to adress this topic now.
  7. I get that they are small challenges for small reward. My question is why. I never see them in time, and why not make then more meaningful? Kind if like a alert within the mission. Stealth goals, you can ignore, but the level allows you to stealth. Thats all.
  8. There is a neglected feature of achievements, used to popup at mission start Like get 20 headshots. I never got what the point of theese is But instead, why not open a box, in it are 2-4the possible extra goals or cgallenges. By clicking Stealth, trigger 0% alarms for Ninja reward bonus. Or melee only for weapons mod reward. We can customize missions without breaking anything. Do the old system still even exist?
  9. I just had a thought on stealth. How about Tenno are dropped as usual in a safe zone. The map is practically empty, no masses of mobs, no spawnings. Instead Cameras, sentryguns and areas with dot are everywhere. To reach the objective Tenno must dusable security, parkour, avoid traps and sentries. If the Tenno are discovered a team of veteran commandos, like SWAT, are deployed. They work as a team using military tactics. Every mission has bosses of sorts that is spawned in a specific zone. They are harder to kill, and use random weapons and powers. There are NO alarms, enemy floods, l
  10. Turning off the enemys homing signals would do marvels
  11. Sad to hear it. Where did you find Enemy Radar? I really want this for my Loki.
  12. I like the Frame. Tho maby to solo oriented. By the by, have any played as 4a Loki all using stealth aproach? Havent tried it, but imagine it would be awesome :)
  13. One grineer map, in mercury, has pipes and walkways ABOVE the floor. Reachable by wallrunning. This is cool and easy to add to a map. These ways could have traps and guards to make things interesting, but NO consoles
  14. If de has problems with light, a mod making the tenno harder to spot by adding a gloom would do the trick. Real light is a pain to get right. Any mod that decreases ai awareness is good. I would allso like a ditrsction abilty. Throw a can, the guard moves there, you run past. Not like lokis decoi, thats like Tenno are here!!! But yeah, darkness would be cool. Plus monsters can hide:)
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