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Disconnected From The Environment.


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I feel so disconnected from the environments often.

I wish we could interact with things a bit more.

Loot and other items of interest would often be found in regular crates and barrels, instead of in things that stand out from the rest. We have all this cargo stuffed on every tileset, yet we cant do anything with it. What if we could open barrels/crates, instead of smashing them into bits like we're nothing but a bunch of Hulks. We also need Extraction, a gametype like defense that needs you to mark crates and defend them until someone or an Osprey to pick them up.

This is a Corpus tunneler, which makes the tunnels on the Ice Planet tileset. Maybe we could do a sabotge with this thing. Put it on overheat or so...

This is a Grineer device which looks like a mortar cannon. Maybe make it usable?

This is a Snowmobile on the Ice Planet tileset. Maybe make it drivable?

It makes no sense that you bash these open(or shoot them) and that the lid open properly. Opening it should be done by pressing x. And how bout letting us throw the orange toolkits behind it?

I want to turn this Giant Metal Fan on.

I want to hide in this storage cage

Would like to see these terminal actually do something useful.

These crates seem like they are large enough to fit any Warframe. Handy in Stealth 2.0?

These barrels should contain things as salvage and other materials.

Busy gathering more examples!

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