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Some Video Improvements + Editing Help


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Look guys, I'm sure there's a few of you who might have seen some of my material floating around by this point, there's a sample at the bottom of this thread.

Anyway, I'm one of the WarFrame official fansites and I've been doing this series for a few months. However, I have literally ZERO picture editing skills whatsoever. I have literally ZERO video editing skills whatsoever. I can just about manage the subtitles you see in the video below. I am as terrible as they come.


I have literally been asking around for more than four months trying to find someone who can do some at least semi professional thumbnails, layouts, tiny animations for me, and literally all I've got is people asking me to open my wallet (which I can't do), or just being extremely unpleasant to approach, or just straight up refusing to respond to me for whatever reason.


While I don't have much money, I have quite a few followers and a stream to expose some of your work if anyone wanted to give me a hand this guide maker so desperately needs?




Besides this, what could you guys suggest to improve the construction of these videos? A different structure? Different graphics? I know this is based on the old U13 layout, but the principle would be the same.


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