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A Good Secondary To Start Forma?



Ok so i'm nearly r12 and still have to start forma equipment

So i think i'd start forma a frame, a primary and a secondary and level them together...


As far as frames i'd start with
- Rhino Prime (all around good)
- then, when i can, Nekro, Nova, Trinity, Booben, Loki, Frost ...

For Primaries

- Boltor Prime

- then Phage, Amprex, Penta, Quanta


Now the problem is which secondary to start with...

I don't have the Brakk yet (missing receiver:/), i can build AKBronko Prime
So i'm thinking to start with either Angstrum, to have something to switch in when i'm in need of fast exp through a secondary, or AK Bolto as a good all around. Have also Dex Furis, but ammo goes out soo fast.


Suggestions? Hints?

Thx ninjas:)

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Marelok. I was hunting for a decent secondary and after around 10 or so I finally found my lovely Marelok. I just added 1 forma to fit 3 dual stat mods in. Will probably add more when I max out Hornet Strike and get the last dual stat mod.


It only takes a few shots to take out any boss and the high status proc is very nice. No ammo issues. No range issues. Really can't think of any disadvantages tbh.


As far as modding goes just add Hornet, Barrel Diffusion and Lethal Torrent. Then add dual stat mods of your choosing. Also Ice Storm can be useful for more shots per mag if you have room left.

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Thx all for the suggestion, Marelok and AK Bolto were already on my top list and thx also for the hint on the Nukor, which i might work on after i've read it works well with Seeker mod -> https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/306455-does-the-seeker-mod-punch-through-work-on-the-nukor/


Yeah, you could throw Seeker on instead of Gunslinger probably. I might change my build for that actually.

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You can never go wrong with the marelok (as i can see, you are one of the rhino+boltor prime guys), or if you have the brakk or the detron. I haven't claimed my akboltos yet, so i have no info on that.


i got bored of the angstrum really fast, so i stopped using it way before the ammo nerf


on builds: with a strong semi-auto secondary i always use maxed seeker. it helps a lot with the swarm of enemies which you encounter very often in warframe, you have to make up for not being automatic somehow.

also, mirage+marelok+seeker+4 event mods (magnetic+gas, 102% status chance)+180% multishot = 50 dead corpus in 1 shot

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