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Easy Way To Reset Buzlock Target?



You know when you zoom+fire it locks in the target for the following rounds? That's nice and all but what if I'm ready to move on and shoot at other things with normal fire? Is there a way to unlock the projectile target back to free fire? I was hoping that just zooming in again, and then releasing the scope would negate it but it isn't that simple.


Of course distance seems to help. If you lock on and kill something, or even just lock onto a wall, once you're far enough away it seems to go back to free fire.


Any advice?

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What gripes me is when I *think* I marked a target with the tracer, but I hit the wall behind him, start firing, and because of line of sight the target still dies. I turn around to start shooting, and the rounds go flying the other way, you know?


EDIT: PS: Grats on 500th post?

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