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Bug While Loading An Alert Mission For Fortitude


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Regarding Cytherean (Venus): Nightmare Mod Located - 56m - 6600cr - Fortitude (Mod)


I understand that there may have been severe loads for such an event. I am documenting this in case there may be helpful information in the report.


When I attempted to join with my Rhino, I was without a head and missing my Rubedo skin. My Atterax was partially extended and looked more like a mace.


Spoiler for the feint of heart.


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That happens when there is lag during the connection between you and the host. Frequently, appearance colors, helmets, skins, and powers don't load initially (sometimes at all) as a result. Large numbers of squads running the event wouldn't really have had an effect like this, as the game for the most part is P2P.

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