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Xerxes Looking For Novice And Pros..click Here!:d


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New Clan:  XerXes


Who was Xerxes?  Known as Xerxes the Great, was the king of kings in the Persian Empire.


Clan Ambition:

We will support our clan members.  We will hold events that will earn platinum's.  We will have prizes for dueling contests.  We would be gladly to listen to our members and take suggestions and help move members up in ranks. 



What we are looking for in members?


-Novice or Expert

-Strategizing Minds





Our Dojo:

-Design  nppncn00ro1el8p6g.jpg

-Our research is underway

-Completed  dueling rooms and obstacle course

-Clan Logo-   click on the link to view our clan badge                         http://imgur.com/ZXh9Vlr

-Our Clan Allies -    Orion Emperors   ... Host Of Orion                 

How to Join?

Simply reply to this post or pm XerXes_The_Great

I'm still working on great ideas to move the clan up but i need members ;D..

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