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Tigris Pellet And Dmg Visuals


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This picture shows the difference between click let go (left) and click hold (right).



Click let go only releases one extra pellet but maybe I'm standing too close.

So trying a larger room this was the result of standing against the opposite wall;



These results were the same when adding hell's chamber (the pellets don't multiply) and vicious spread.




Supposedly 16 pellets (hell's chamber+vicious spread) and only one dmg sign pops up.



The same result is produced without these mods.


Due to these visuals I can't determin if vicious spread or hell's chamber actualy affects the weapon. I know that that hell's chamber doesn't increase the pellets due to the weapon hitting the same amount of enemies, even with vicious spread.


(just realised that this belongs in art and animation, my apologies to the mods)

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I've had similar results, with both the Tigris and the Hek. The Hek, of course, only has one type of trigger, but every shot I make only produces four bullet decals when I have a maxed Hell's Chamber equipped. I'm not sure if this is due to my graphics settings, which are set fairly low in every field except for player textures or whatever that option is.

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