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You Might Want To Close The Italian Chat Room Or Edit Something


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I started playing more than 6 months ago and there used to be a lot of people on the Italian chat room.

After some time I guess people started to like the advantages of the English chat room: more people to trade and to set up missions with, and the more people moved, the more the Italian chat kept becoming inadequate.


I took a peek yesterday and there were 5 players in the trading section, 2 in the recruitment section (but on that server the region section has been used for recruitment for months) and some more in the region section.

I checked again before posting this (11.43 AM in Italy) and there were just 25 players or so in the region section.


If an Italian new player takes a look at the chat for the first time, he/she might have the impression of an abandoned/neglected game while instead it's the opposite.

Moreover he/she won't be able to trade anything unless he/she moves to the English chat room, which would pose the problem again.

DEs are doing a good work fixing stuff and adding content, it's a pity the game might lose players for this issue...


I would suggest that the Italian chat is either closed (sending players who choose Italian as language for the game content directly to the English chat) or maybe transformed into an additional chat section besides the regular ones in English, so that players have the usual sections of the English room so they can trade and recruit and an "Italian language" room which can be used by those who want to chat in Italian, like a second region room. As I said there's no use for the current "trade" and "recruitment" sections of the Italian chat room, as they are deserted.


I hope this can help somehow!

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They recently changed how chat works, only the people who have actually typed in chat recently will show up on the list. There is more people than you think on the chat, they are just not listed for the sake of making a few things easier.

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Thanks for the information, but still 1) having 3-5 people listed on the chat means that almost nobody has written anything recently... in the English chat room you find tens of people right after logging in; 2) new players might not know this and again get the impression of playing a deserted game.

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