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[Bug] Ash / Blade Storm


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 Hi all, well , I still having serious problems with Blade Storm skill, my char sometimes just walk on the space in animation skill and naver back to normal, sometimes in void missions he just fall under the floor and never back to normal, please check and fix this problem.

 Good game for all !

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Okie so I discovered this bug by chance when I was leveling my primary weapon up.


Essentially what I think happens is when you use bladestorm as a teammate kills the enemy that you FIRST targeted with bladestorm then it causes this bug.


I equipped nothing apart from the Tigris to my Ash and went onto Sechura on Pluto. I'm getting overwhelmed so I use bladestorm but my friend kills the first guy I targeted. I cannot remember if Ash follows through with the ability regardless but the result was that I ended up staying in the ability but unarmed. However, I could then switch to my Tigris and use it normally and more curiously I could switch to a level 30 Skana (which I understand is used when you don't have a melee weapon equipped).


Furthermore, when in this continued bladestorm mode, there is no way to get out of it without finishing the mission. Also, when I went up a set of stairs or a hill I was not able to go back down because I, in fact, was floating.


Just as a few short notes to this bug:

You cannot jump

You cannot zoom in and aim

You cannot use any other ability or use bladestorm again

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