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Kubrow Scavenge (Glitchy? Trick I Don't Know?)



I'm about ready to just take this ability off my kubrow since it seems to rarely, if ever, actually function.


I've run a few extermination missions just to test mob range & agro.


Here's what I've done:


Cleared the whole bloody mission first.

Go back to the start of the map and stand by each locked locker for upwards to 60 seconds. Energy doesn't seem to matter. (i use a sahasa, and she'll be happily digging up useless items instead of actually opening the 4-6 lockers right next to her) I run with energy siphon.


In a void tower mission, totally cleared, i'll stand in the circular loot room with red lockers and she'll just stand right in front of one forever without doing jack. Occasionally, she'll run across the room and open another one.


It works, from time to time, but it's incredibly slow, incredibly hit-or-miss, even with a capped mod.


Can someone please tell me the trick to this? Or is this just the way it is? (i.e. next to useless?)

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wow. i didn't even think about that. i believe that scavenge is second to last on my current layout.

thanks, i should have checked that. i'll test this out.




okay, this did help. but it by no means solves the problem.

when the kubrow "feels" like doing it's job, it's not too bad. but that doesn't happen very often.

about 1 out of 5 banks of lockers will it decide to actually use that ability.

80% of the time (it seems) it just ignores the fact that there's lockers there and does it's "dig" or generally runs around and stands in the corner ignoring everything... not to mention my success rate when it actually does try to open lockers doesn't seem anywhere near 90%. (more like 60)


i attempted two runs in ceres exterminate and one in jupiter.


i'll keep trying, it seems like master thief works better overall as it doesn't glitch out half the time and decide not to work. 

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