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A Pile Of Small Tweaks And Suggestions.


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So, I don't know if there's a megathread of small tweaks and suggestions, and I had too many things to count. So, I made this thread. Naturally, it's all up to speculation and playtesting. But balance is powerful.


I can't into armor, so I'm ignoring each warframe's stats like HP and Sprint Speed. I'll focus on abilities here.
Also, all abilities should go under the effects of Strength, Duration, and Range mods.
I've hardly used him, so I don't know much.
Shuriken / Infinite punch-through. Slight homing after piercing.
Blade Storm / Enemies whom are marked should take 10% damage from all sources expect from Ash himself.
I love Banshee. She's in my top 3 favorite frames. People say she's weak, but they just can't lift.
Sonic Boom / 360 degree wave, hits all enemies around her.
Sound Quake / Damage range and Stagger/explosion range should be independent. Damage should be larger.
Personally, I think she's fine. I forget the general consensus of her.
Fireball / Desperately needs Range -> Explosion Radius.
He's a nice frame. Pretty fine all around.
Radial Javalin / Add damage reduction while casting.
I don't like him. But a lot of people use him for defense, good reason too. He seems fine.
Freeze / Add Cold AoE ontop of his single-target freeze.
I have yet to use him.
/THE/ tryhard frame. His 1, 2, and 3 are pretty fine. His 4 is what's abused, as such...
Radial Disarm / Add a 5-meter point-blank blindspot that scales with Range.
I haven't used her much. She's super anti-corpus. That's alright.
Bullet Attractor / Seems weak, but is statistically powerful. Research?
Crush / All enemies who get in range while casting will also get affected.
I like her for her 1, but she's statistically weak. Need some good reworking.
Hall of Mirrors / Increase clone damage per rank to 7.5% (30% @ r3)
Hall of Mirrors / All shots should concentrate on crosshair when zoomed in.
Sleight of Hand / All enemy guns in range should jam for ~5 seconds.
Eclipse / Dynamic icon to indicate what the ability will do and is doing.
Despite his popularity, he's really weak, or is only used for desecrate.
Soul Punch / Change into Melee Conversion, like Sayrn's Contagion. When an enemy is hit, the ability does as before, and the effect wares off from the melee weapon.
Shadows of the Dead / Increase duration from 30s to 60s.
Shadows of the Dead / Shadow AI will follow the team.
Grossly overused. Like, really, really overused, it's disgusting.
Null Star / Make particles prettier and easier to see.
Null Star / Enable Recasting while particles remain.
Null Star / A single particle should pierce all enemies in a small area before dissolving.
Antimatter Drop / Reduce absorb multiplier from 1x to 0.60x (2.4x @ r3)
Molecular Prime / Remove damage multiplier.
Molecular Prime / Increase cast time to 3 seconds.
Molecular Prime / Chain reaction explosions will gradually do less damage, -40% (-20% @ r3) per explosion, effected by strength.


Most weapons are fine, just some minor tweaking would be fine, but some are a mess.
>Burst Fire
All burst fire weapons should now be automatic. Meaning the time you can fire another burst, the weapon will automatically fire while the trigger is held.
Also, divide magazine capacity by how many rounds are shot, and make each burst consume only 1 round. This is for OCD purposes.
>Semi Auto
All semi-automatic weapons under 5 Rounds/second should have an easy identification showing the weapon is ready to fire. Like a pump sound and animation. Sybaris is a good example.
All charge weapons should have infinite fire rate between charges. The second you shoot an Ogris round, you can begin charging another.
Add a key for Always Quick Melee. This enables constant chopping with Machetes when used alone.
>Shotguns and similar
Remove damage dropoff over range entirely.

This thing is fun to use, but it's a bit of a mess. Poor but okay against groups, poor but good against single targets. Lets change that.
1. Make marking a secondary fire.
2. Markers are raycast.
3. Retain normal shooting while zoomed.
4. Markers emit a sonar, marking nearby enemies on the map and for homing.
4.1. Enemies who enter this sonar will be marked for minimap and homing.
4.2. The marker will stay indefinitely and will not effect normal fire until enemy enters the sonar.
4.3. Still, only 1 marker at a time.
>Quanta and Mutilist Quanta
Move secondary fire from sights to secondary fire, seriously.
>Bronco Series
To become competitive with the other handheld shotguns, the broncos should be charge weapons.
1. Change the trigger from Semi to Charge. This charge is treated similar to the Stug.
2. At 0% charge, the bronco will shoot 1 round at 100% damage.
3. It takes the gun's Fire Rate (consider increasing) to add a round in charge.
4. For each charge, damage and ammo consumption is increased 100%.
4a. Consider replacing damage for multishot. But then the game would have to calculate 220 pellets in 1 frame, maximum. It's better to change that to +2100% damage.


Some mods are nearly useless, it might be better to replace the mod system entirely. But, what to do to replace it? I don't know.
Now, call me crazy, but I think this game will do better in terms of modding if all damage mods WERE REMOVED and levels/scaling was changed to compensate. But this is not a small change.
Enable the option to weaken a mod temporarily for builds. This can be done using arrows next to the mod when upgrading.
This makes people less hesitant to upgrading mods and weapons.
>Elemental Resistance
Should provide immunity to their respective status effects.
Multiple Elemental Resistance mods should work with any and all combination elements.
IE, Fire and Ice will provide resistance to Fire, Ice, and Explosive.
IE, Fire, Ice, Electric will provide resistance to Fire, Ice, Electric, Explosive, Magnetic, and Radiation.
>Magazine Capacity and Ammo Maximum
At least +100% Magazine Capacity from Mag mods.
Add Ammo Steal with Ammo Maximum mods. You regen ammo based on how many enemies are near by, hardcap it at 5 enemies.
>Ammo Mutations
Should work when the weapon it's on is not equipped.
>Specific Mods
Acrobat / Increase to +20%, decrease max rank to 3.
Acrobat + Quick Rest / Merge.
Aviator / Increase to +10%, increase max rank to 5.
Equilibrium / Orbs should be used provided one variable is not max.
Handspring + Shock Absorbers / Merge.
Intruder / Add damage reduction while hacking, 16% per rank.
Rush + Maglev / Merge.

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