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Some Suggestions Regarding Alerts


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I have noticed some complaints about alerts here in my year+ perusing the forums, and I think I have some ideas to help address them.

1) Make an alert for a blueprint or mod of some kind last longer, on average, than credit alerts.

Does anyone really do credit alerts? I mean, sure, they can get you that last 2000 credits you need to max out that mod, but does anyone really do it? They last long enough as is, but lots of people get frustrated about missing alerts, particularly due to timezones. I'm not saying to make item alerts 24 hours. That would be silly. I'm saying that the program that decides what alerts should happen and when should tack an extra hour or so on when there is an item.

2) Make a mission for higher tier equipment harder, on average, than lower tier missions.

This is self explanatory. If I'm doing an alert for credits, I'm the "lone tenno operative" that The Lotus talks about. Credit alerts should never be a mission that should be done with more than one person. Item missions, on the other hand, should generally be mainly survival, defense, or similar.

3) Alert missions on higher level planets should increase the level of the enemies more than those in lower level planets.

Alright, this one is a bit wierd. If you are doing an alert on Ceres, I think you should be facing enemies 1.5 to 2 times stronger than normal enemies in Ceres. This will add a challenge, rather than just walking in, getting the loot, and leaving. Conversely, on Mercury, you should be facing enemies of roughly equal strength.

4) Credit alerts should not go beyond Earth.

Again, fairly self explanatory. Vets don't need the credits, new players do. Vets don't play on low level planets much, new players do.

Thanks for reading, please discuss your ideas below.

Mods, pleas move this thread if I put it in the wrong place. It was between this and fan concepts.

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I really think they should make the new portal missions exclusive to alerts. Having them as regular missions just feels like the Grineer have waaaaaaay too much access to the void whenever they want, when it should be a thing where when the Grineer start to open the void all the Tenno bolt in to stop them because, lore wise, this is actually a VERY BAD THING for them  to be able to do on a regular basis.

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