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Table Flipping Mad At Hostmigration Failures 24/7


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Host migration fails to often. Is there no way for us to get hostmigration to migrate to seperate users?


eg: if hostmigration is required, my game will continue on my computer, not giving a single * about other players?


Let us check some box that if a migration is required our game will just transform into a solo game, and that it won't even try to connect to one of the other player, a "new" game is created on your own computer.


Today I finnished a mission and on the way back from that mission there was a hostmigration. I cannot describe how incredibly poor that was. Loosing everything, after you've finnished and exited. Waiting and then failing letting it really sink in how your time was wasted twice, right there utterly obvious in front of your face.


Host migration 2.0 plz.


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