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Prime Access Accessories Need To Be Previewable/have Detailed Screenshots.


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Hi DE,


Just a small request here.  Can you make it so that I can look at the armor pieces within the Prime Access Accessory pack before I buy them?


All of the other armor pieces are previewable, but not the ones in prime access.  If you can't make them viewable in game can you at least post some detailed screenshots of the new armor pieces so I can get a good idea of what they look like?


I'm thinking about buying the accessory pack, but can't decide on account of the fact that I can't really tell what the armor pieces really look like.

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I looked through the forums before posting this.  The player supplied screenshots are nice, but there's no subsitute for being able to view the stuff on your own frames or a nice screenshots of high-rez renders straight from the devs.


I will probably end up seeing if I can borrow someone in game who has the items and see how they look when they're being worn.

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