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Kubrow Will Sometimes Get No Experience


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My kubrow didn't get his experience. We have done a 35mn survival, i got experience for my warframe and weapons but my kubrow didn't. Before starting, he was lvl 18, he gained 2-3 level during mission and after the end, he returned to his initial level. He lost all his experience.

Maybe, it's because my kubrow win too much experience : i get 100 000 experience and my kubrow has always a lot more experience.

This bugs have occurred multiple times today.

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Nope. However he was a bit bugged, his shield and health won't change during mission, he stay with something like 0/176. I'm sure he didn't die, he still have 100% loyalty.

If a kubrow die during mission, he still get experience. Sentinel still got his experience when it is destroyed.

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