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what mods do you recomand for rifle, pistol and melee?



      For rifle(Boltor) i use Cryo Rounds,  Serration and Split Chamber. I still have 20-25 free points, what mod should i add next?

      For pistol(Lex) i use Hornet Strike, Convulsion and No Return. What mods should i add after supercharge?

      For melee(Scindo) i use Fury, North Wind, Pressure Point and Sundering Strike. what should i add next?



      Worth haveing all 3 ele mods on the same weapon?

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My suggestions, in order of maxxing them out:


Serration as high as you can afford

Split Chamber maxxed

Piercing Hit

Cryo Rounds


Storm Bringer

Speed Trigger

Fast Hands


Lex is all about the single shot damage, so:

Hornet Strike as high as you can afford

Barrel Diffusion to Rank 4

No Return

Deep Freeze

Heated Charge




Scindo is better used with charge attacks. Use;

Killing Blow

Reflex Coil


North Wind

Sundering Strike

Molten Impact


Then add back in Pressure Point for more slide/jump attack damage.

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Yes, all ele mods are generally recommended.


I prefer using only one of fire or elec, depending on faction, and getting more utility from other mods, but it involves a lot of mod switching before missions.

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