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What To Pimp Up? :)



I have following dilemmas:


Soma or Boltor Prime

Bo Prime or Orthos Prime

Twin Gremlins or AkStilleto


I have these maxed (and except for secondaries also potato-ed) but I am not able to decide which of them to start Forma....

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Soma - More than adequate and safer than Boltor Prime, which may be nerfed.

Bo Prime - Better stances IMO.


I forma'd only Akstilletto and only as a fun weapon. I do not use either one seriously, so I can't give a recomendation that I"m confident in. I will say this, though... there are much better options out there. Akmagnus, Marelok, Brakk... if you really like those two then there's nothing wrong with them but it's odd to see them next to prime gear in your list. It's like you need help picking a caviar, a wine and a color of M&M's.

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Forma'ed Boltor Prime will kill all challenge in the game almost instantly, Soma imo is a much better option

AkStilletto's are good with status builds, unsure of the Gremlins so this is quite biased towards the AkStilletto's

Both Bo and Orthos are very good weapons, almost on par with each other in fact. But if I were to go with one for long term survival it would be the Bo purely based on status chance and attack rate, those forma's will work wonders for it.

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Of the two I'd pick the SOma because it's a more generalist weapon-for medium levels you can easily use it as a marksman rifle, while still having the lethality of full-auto. It also keep smore accuracy at full auto so you can go for headshots, whereas the Boltor Prime is a close range or crowd-based weapon that loses DPS heavily outside of those situations, even though in those situations it has higher DPS and DPB.
Orthos Prime used to be one of the stock weapons of many people, Bo Prime is also great. Other people are more qualified to comment than me on that pair but you won't regret either.
As has been said, both secondaries you mentioned are regarded as second tier-still good enough to be enjoyable, but not the powerhouse of their class. Twin gremlins can be quite effective at low/mid levels because of their Physics Impact type, but both will drain your ammo heavily at higher levels. My current secondary is the Marelok, but I ran with the AkMagnus for quite a while. Both are satisfying and effective to use, even up to high levels.

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