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T3 And T4 Key



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Keys are given at random. so T3 anywhere that is high enough. usually level 20+. Keys are common reward from Def and Survival.


T4 are limited to rewards for Interception mission. The keys you're looking from drop from Missions in the 10-20 level range interception if I'm not mistaken.


So Behernya (However you spell it), Sedna is the best location for that. If I'm mistaken on level, then Draco, Ceres would be the best option

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for T4 missions:


ext, cap, md: uranus/stephano (grineer), or europa/armaros (corpus)

def, surv, int: ceres/draco (grineer), or pluto/cerberus (corpus)


these are my go-to key farm locations, there are other interceptions that give keys, though. tbh, i prefer fighting the corpus, grineer get really tough if the key doesn't drop in the first 6 or so waves

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