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Forum Account And Email Issues


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Hello everyone.


Quick question for all Xbox users: Have any of you tried to update your Warframe forums account so that you can use your personal email and receive forum notifications?


I tried to do this a while back and gave up. The issue starts from the account creation. If you go into your profile by clicking your name at the top right and edit your profile, you will see email and notifications settings. It is in here that you can change your email. The thing is, to change your email (which is setup as an @fakexboxlive.com email for some reason) it asks for a password. I tried to use my Xbox live password and that doesn't work.


I know there really isn't a terrible need for it since I am here most days but I would like to receive emails about the threads I subscribe to. Does anyone know a workaround for this? Does a community mod or a DE dev know if this is even fixable?

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