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After Today's Hotfix, Warframe Logs Me Out After Finishing Missions.


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 Ever since today's hotfix, whenever I finish a mission, right after my Warframe has boarded the passenger compartment of the Liset and the XP screen rolls down, the game logs me out automatically and returns me to the login screen, instead of returning me inside the ship's lobby,


Thus it is unknown to me if I have received any rewards from the missions I was in, including any mods, credits and XP distributed to my Warframe and Weapons.


(The above does not include entering the Dojo thankfully, only after finishing ANY mission.)


Please do fix this, it is a quite annoying bug,

 Yours sincerely,


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I know something that's been annoying to me that's been going on for awhile now. When I'm just about to start a mission...I get dropped. Sometimes the whole party gets dropped. Or the mission starts but we immediately fail it. Or begin twenty minutes in a mission and boom...you get dropped. Wondering when this crap will get fixed.

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I've had something similar happen to me twice. after a mission an unknown grid overlay is displayed. there is no result screen and my warframe is standing infront of extraction.

the first time it happend my frame got pulled out of bounds and started falling over and over with increasing speed :U

The first time we got moved back to the Liset, but right now i'm still looking at my frame and the grid overlay.


First time after hotfix



Today during an alert





I'm sure they'll fix it soon, let's all play with our kubrows and teach em how to play fetch with a specter qwq

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