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  1. Yeah and a new resource to farm for.😑
  2. I'm still playing Anthem.. (shields self from flying tomatoes)😁
  3. Good deal move forward and dont look back. If you have a potato and you love warframe then it's time to upgrade hehe.
  4. I know nobody in my clan plays with ash or chroma anymore as well;)
  5. Wow you guys have got to be one of the best dev teams ever. Thanks for the massive update and enjoy your time off for the holidays...you definitely deserve it!
  6. Huh I hardly see either one and I do pub games all the time...crazy.
  7. Lol ikr...and we are getting another rework for nyx...for some reason. Meanwhile ash and chroma prime are collecting dust hehe.
  8. Why would DE do this after all these years? I mean yea it's cool for people who want to buy mesa prime but for me it just...has me scratching my head hehe. This may not go over as well as you think.
  9. Yet people constantly complain about not having any endgame content. Endgame content isnt meant for new people. If endgame content allows new people to play then it's too easy and not endgame hehe. I guess DE is damned if they do and damned if they don't.
  10. Will we ever see something like a gore 2.0? I still see all the same old bugs (like double torsos) when cutting up enemies. Captura mode really highlights what im talking about. I dont know maybe it's just the hit boxes or something that could use some tweaking. I still think it would be cool if puncture and impact (and explosives hehe) had different gore effects. Edit: not asking for you guys to go all killing floor 2 here hehe.
  11. I know right. Heck I would be happy if pc players could get tennogen in bundles like console players can.
  12. Wow!...was not expecting this at all today. Bravo to all the hardworking people at DE that made this possible.
  13. Yeah everything looks great but I agree...very disappointed he didnt get a rework. Wasnt it a few streams back where they said NYX was getting another rework and everyone was like...why? It stinks when frames you like get no love...or half arsed reworks.
  14. Yeah I definitely missed something because dont know what the hype is about. Not being negative just actually dont know is all hehe.
  15. My guess is she has a deluxe skin coming up some time so why not buff her too. Im sure it helps to sell more of them skins. Rebecca's face/response during the stream when she was asked why they are buffing her said it all hehe. Seems like I see way more threads on these forums asking for reworks for other frames like ash more then I have ever seen for Nyx. Oh well guess we all can hope for more deluxe skins for our favorite frames some day.😁
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