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  1. Well you are setting yourself up to be mad and disappointed then. I don't think DE is going to turn around and add them back anytime soon.
  2. ^This would be great for people like me. I bought alot of lenes when the focus system came out and have always used the same weapons and frames to farm focus xp. Many weapons and some frames have been added since then so I think this solution would make most people happy. What I want to know is will there be a use for the extra focus xp and the lenses after a school gets maxed.
  3. The reason why Destiny is more popular is because propaganda works (also most people won't even give f2p games a chance). So factor in the larger amount of money funding Destiny then it's obvious why more people know and play Destiny. But I think it says alot when a AAA game that's got DLC and microtransactions gets compared to a f2p game that made by a (much) smaller company...it says to me that DE and Warframe are better.
  4. I would imagine DE will allow this at some point. I too am a fan of oberons normal shoulder armor. Would be even cooler if we could use default shoulder armor from any frame on all frames.
  5. Wait so boosters still stack right..just not for kuva? This thread seems to be all over the place so I'm kinda lost hehe.
  6. No i don't think DE should waste their time on porting Warframe to Nintendo's Switch.
  7. Yeah when I went to vote it said thank you for your vote over frost deluxe skin. I won't be surprised if frost deluxe skin gets the most "votes" hehe.
  8. Maybe the orokin are (or were) highly evolved humans and the tenno are orokin who have been experimented on.
  9. Honestly I think it would be awesome if DE could copy the nemesis system from Shadow of Mordor and get it to work for Warframe. I thought that was the most impressive (unique) feature that game had. Granted DE needs to add more unique looking enemies but they already have some that don't get used enough...like in the Rathuum and in the index.
  10. Well yeah TWW definitely got delayed but I think that was this year's "climax" cinematic quest. I imagine the other "cinematic quest building" would be from the new warframes (and their quest) that got released this year.
  11. Where did DE say there was going to be four cinematic quest this year? I was only aware of the one we got.
  12. Right but when I talked to the moderator who gave me a warning I explained how things can get lost in translation without tone of voice. He thought I was making a DDoS attack threat but I was really saying how I hope we don't get an attack when TWW update comes out. He still gave me a warning for bad language...even though he deleted my post the first time without saying anything and I reposted (and censored myself this time) with an added line asking why my comment was deleted or not knowing if it went through the first time because of my phone or if it was deleted because I said...crap:) Eit
  13. I like how I got a warning for cursing hehe...nobody does it on these forums.
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