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These Bugs Are Still Occuring And Happening


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I am always encountering about these bugs here:


Being not able to see the result screen at the outro of a mission - results into a bugged "respawn" to the start and being stuck there. Warframe process need to be shut down!


Survival missions will bug out the gameplay. Not able to pickup items either the whole mission or about few minutes. Even self hosted sessions (SOLO) won't be spared from this bug.


Melee animation will bug out, which will result into a regular "putting it back to its holdster" and will stop the response to pressing the quick-/melee button.


Falling off-grounds will reset all abilities (invisibility, iron skin, blessing, etc. will stop lasting / will be reset). Don't know if this is attempt to, but it keeps annoying, especially being knocked down at nightmare and being 1 shooted all the time. Lost 4 revives due to this bug since our lovely Jackal will loop-knock you back all the time, until you die.


According to Jackal - Stomp animation with its knockback radius is quite to frequently and will force players either to die (which takes long) or abort the mission. You won't have any chance getting out of this misery.


People are still disconnecting during key missions. Mostly ODD. It didn't annoy me at the past, since others were kicked all the time, but recently, it affects me as well.


Getting into an already running match, pressing ESC will totally cover the screen with a transparent grey-ish layer which will block any kind of action. Warframe process need to be shut down, here too!


Random crashes after being hit by a FPS-drop. Happens quite often near smoky areas either environmental and/or penta/ogris/explosive caused ones. Wasn't happenening before.

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